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Tuesday, February 11 2020

3 Ways to enjoy the last days of winter in Brampton

What’s your favourite part of winter? We love everything from playing in the snow to having a hot chocolate in front of a warm fire. There is no limit to the fun that winter brings. After all, activities like skiing, snowboarding, skating, ice fishing and more require this season to happen.

In addition to fun and excitement, winter also ushers in a time of restoration. When snow covers the ground and animals begin to hibernate, the streets get quieter and the days get shorter. It’s a period when you reflect on the year that’s passed and the year that is to come. When the snow melts away, a transformed version of yourself emerges that’s wiser and usually eager for good weather.

Instead of taking winter for granted, reap its benefits. Grab your skis and head out onto snow-covered slopes or lace up your skates and put the ice to good use. Every season has its pros and cons and celebrating winter seems to make it pass faster. After all, seeing snow outside of winter doesn’t happen very often and you’d miss the fresh powder if you didn’t see it at least once a year. 

The end of winter is near! Make the most of the season before the snow disappears by enjoying these indoor and outdoor activities in Brampton.

1. Don’t miss the only time of year for outdoor ice skating

Looking for a wonderful activity fit for a winter family outing or a first date? Look no further than Brampton’s beautiful outdoor skating trails. For example, the new Chinguacousy Park Skate Recreational Trail is a great option for skaters of all levels. 

Enjoy the beauty of winter while gliding over 2,000 sq. m of ice and take advantage of convenient seating when you need to take a break. See a full list of Brampton’s outdoor skating options here. 


 2. Visit the library and expand your mind

If playing in the snow is not your favourite pastime, libraries across Brampton offer awesome programs that you can enjoy. Register your children for enlightening STEM programs or immerse the whole family in local art by visiting the Brampton Library Community Galleries.  Admission to the exhibits is free and when you attend, you’ll see the wonderful creative talent that exists in Brampton.


3. Take time to give back to the community

Winter is prime time for a form of the blues called Seasonal Affective Disorder (or S.A.D.). When days become shorter, a lack of sunlight and vitamin D can alter your biological clock and disrupt your serotonin levels. Women are more susceptible than men to this condition and one way to overcome it is by helping others. And there are lots of opportunities to do just that.

For example, volunteer by spending time with furry friends at Brampton Animal Services or getting involved in the arts with the network of Brampton Theatres. View a list of places to volunteer in Brampton this winter here


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