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Wednesday, March 25 2020

4 Quick tips to kickstart your Spring cleaning

Winter is over! We can officially say goodbye to mittens, snow, ice, and frozen toes for several months. It’s time to celebrate spring and prepare for warmer weather. 

Before you break out the flip flops and shorts, it’s important to tidy up and put away the remnants of winter to make room for everything spring. Not sure where to begin? Start your cleaning routine with these helpful tips and get ready for a fresh home that feels new again. 


1. Lemon love

Lemons can be used to clean and freshen items and appliances in your home. Use this sour fruit to make your microwave, sink and cutting boards smell better.

Get rid of annoying odours in your microwave by placing a bowl of water with a sliced lemon inside and setting it on high for a few minutes. When the timer goes off, leave for an additional 15 minutes with the door closed. Then, remove the bowl and wipe down any loosened stains. 

If you’re suffering from a stinky sink, run a few of the leftover microwaved lemon rinds through your garbage disposal. Follow with a rinse of cold water for a quick boost of freshness. As for the microwaved lemon pulp, try rubbing it on a stained cutting board to lessen discolouration and add a citrus scent. If the pulp isn’t enough, use the cut side of a freshly halved lemon. 


2. Vacuum indoor and outdoor rugs

All winter long, your family tracks salt, dirt and more into your beautiful home. Prepare for a new season by cleaning both indoor and outdoor rugs to spruce them up and make them last longer. 

Start with your outside doormat by shaking off the debris and inspecting both sides. Depending on the level of dirt and caked-on salt, you may need to hose off your mat and let it air dry before returning it to your threshold. For indoor rugs, thoroughly vacuum on both sides before putting them back in their spot. It’s also helpful to vacuum and wash the floor underneath the mat in case dirt and salt made its way below the barrier. 


3. Wash winter bedding and store for the season

You likely used a heavier comforter or duvet on your bed during the cold months to keep you toasty warm. Now that winter is gone and warm spring nights are on their way, it’s time for a new set of bedding.

Wash your winter linens and properly store them in a clean, dry place for future use. Choose a shelf in your closet that is above the ground and has decent airflow. Letting your bedding breathe will help prevent odours and moulds from forming. 


4. Transition your seasonal wardrobe with one special detail

Put away heavy pants and sweaters and make room for floral patterns and strappy sandals! However, be aware of everything you have and what you actually wear. During your seasonal wardrobe transition, take inventory of your items and see what you can donate. 

When packing up your winter clothing, set aside for donation anything that no longer fits or isn’t your style anymore. Then, refill your empty closet space with your spring wardrobe front and centre. A great way to keep track of the clothes that you wear most often is by categorizing your hangers like we do.

First, face all of your hangers in the same direction at the start of the season. Then, place them the opposite way once they return to your closet with the same garment. At the end of each week or month, you’ll be able to quickly tell which clothes you wore and which ones never saw the light of day based on the direction of the hanger. 

Use these tidying tips to jumpstart your spring cleaning routine and start the season on a fresh note. You’ll feel ready to tackle fun activities like flying kites, planting flowers and feeding the birds once your home is spick and span.


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