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Monday, July 29 2019

Best Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Toronto is one of the best cities in the world, and as such it carries a whole host of attractions and entertainment. The CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium, The ROM, and Casa Loma, are just a few of the most widely-known places to visit while spending time in this great city. But if you live in the GTA already, you have the opportunity to explore the lesser-known but equally great side of the best neighbourhoods in Toronto.

Continue reading to see what the best neighbourhoods in Toronto have to offer, and why you should plan to visit them.


Runnymede-Bloor West Village

Back in 1970, a group of Bloor West Village business owners who were concerned with losing customers to the new suburban shopping malls that were cropping up came together to create Canada’s first business impact analysis. On the exterior of their shops, they hung string lights, planted flowers and laid the groundwork for what has, almost 50 years later, become the very best neighbourhood in Toronto. 

This quaint area features the pre-eminent High Park - one of the most gorgeous and prolific parks in the city and is practically synonymous with Toronto itself. Humble specialty shops pepper the streets and provide an excellent opportunity for visitors to sample the vibrant culture of this - the best neighbourhood in Toronto.


North Riverdale

Adjacent to Riverdale Park East - this neighbourhood’s gorgeous focal-point, the area come complete with well-maintained soccer fields, jaunty tennis courts, a running track and a refreshing swimming pool. 

As one of the best neighbourhoods in Toronto, there are trendy restaurants nearby on the Danforth and great shopping deals on Gerrard. Fans of the film adaptation of Stephen King’s It will find particular joy in viewing the decrepit mansion on Pape where a large part of the bone-chilling film was shot.


Mount Pleasant East

Yet another one of the best neighbourhoods in Toronto, Mount Pleasant East might be a bit hectic right now due to the Crosstown construction along Eglinton. However, once 2021 arrives and the LRT is complete, that particular pain will become one of Mount Pleasant East’s biggest advantages, making it even easier for visitors to come and tour. There’s easy access to the Yonge subway line and charming little boutique shops along Mount Pleasant. And while it’s somewhat lacking green space, it does little to detract from this area’s status as one of the best neighbourhoods in Toronto.



This area of Toronto is known for its hopping streets, incredible food and a population that puts a strong emphasis on community. Ample shopping and entertainment options abound on the Danforth - and to the long-time residents of this area, it’s as iconic to the city as any of Toronto’s monumental attractions. Aside from all this, the area’s main selling point and benefit to city-travellers is its proximity to not one, but five, subway stations, including Pape. Ask anybody who likes to call the Danforth home, and they’ll tell you it’s definitely one of the best neighbourhoods in Toronto.


Rosedale-Moore Park

No list of the best neighbourhoods in Toronto would be complete without mentioning the area of Rosedale. While it most certainly brings to mind a certain kind of resident: e.g. the wealthy affluent sort of person who owns a huge house, makes weekly visits to the country club and has their kids attend pricey private schools, it’s a gorgeous little spot and a delight to stroll through. Plus, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump to the shopping megalopolis that is Yorkville.


Playter Estates-Danforth

This mostly residential area offers many of the same benefits as its closely-related neighbourhoods: awesome food, easy transit access and beautiful views of the downtown core. Looking out over the Don Valley, this neighbourhood is one of the best places in the city to enjoy a walk. And thanks to the plethora of transit options, getting tired and hopping on a bus or subway is always an option. 

It’s also just a five-minute walk to Riverdale Park, and truly one of the best neighbourhoods in Toronto.


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