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Monday, June 18 2018

Brampton's Mayfield Village and The Astounding Success of Phases 1 and 2

Since completion of Phase 1 and 2 the detached homes, semi detached homes, and townhouses of Mayfield Village have become cherished homes to over a thousand families. Now in Phase 3 Mayfield is becoming a thriving community filled with people who love the village-style feel of the neighborhood.

They continue to rave about their spacious, healthy lifestyle, and the amenities Mayfield Village offers. They are proud to be a part of a new housing development that continues to add value to the city of Brampton. Residents have already enjoyed significant appreciation of their properties, which will continue as more local amenities develop.

Mayfield Village Inspire Boulevard Retail Store

Since Phases 1 and 2 Mayfield Village has seen the inclusion of several community-changing additions, one of which was the newly built Countryside Village Public School. From the day Countryside Village opened its doors, the parents of Mayfield Village have experienced shorter daily commute times. Now parents and children alike are enjoying everything convenient community living has to offer!

Mayfield Village Inspire Boulevard Store Front

Many new retail stores and specialty boutiques have also found a welcome home amidst the residences of Mayfield Village. Now lining Inspire Boulevard are shops like RMS Clothing Service, Arts and Crafts 4 You, Arya Spa and Wellness, and Unique Alteration & Boutique. What’s more, several prominent car dealerships have also hitched their wagon to the success that is Mayfield Village. BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Infiniti, and Honda all have a heavy presence in the community and have increased the value of the surrounding area. Each one of these businesses adds their unique flavour to an already culturally rich community.

Mayfield Village Inspire Boulevard Bus Stop Transit Route

The transit-going residents of Mayfield Village have also found much to love about their community, as several Brampton Transit bus stops have been added along Inspire Boulevard. Not only is Mayfield Village a vibrant community in and of itself, but thanks to the addition of extensive city infrastructures it is also connected to the rest of the GTA at large.

All of these excellent inclusions to the community of Mayfield Village are representative of the overall success owed to the first two phases of the new home development. From the nearby golf courses to the community parks, Mayfield Village is a vibrant area and a wonderful place to live. Happily, it’s plain to see that it is becoming exactly the type of desirable community we envisioned it would be.


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