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Construction Kick-off and Meeting Miss India-Canada, Annu Gaidhu

On Saturday September 20th Mayfield Village became a reality, and that is an exciting new step for Brampton, a city currently going through a fervent renaissance. The “flower city” as it’s known, once housed Dale’s Nursery, which was the largest cut flower company in North America and had 140 greenhouses, 20 million blooms, and employed a good majority of the area’s inhabitants. While thrusting Mayfield Village into a modern, thriving spotlight, the developers of the area -including Aspen Ridge Homes, CountryWide Homes, Greenpark, Marycroft Homes, and Regal Crest Homes- are acknowledging its storied past and using it as a platform for future success. It was once a gorgeous, growing area and it’s headed in that direction once again.

Over the weekend a construction kick-off event was held for this grand new community; those in attendance were privy to a special appearance from the talented and lovely Annu Gaidhu who was crowned Miss India-Canada 2014. Miss Gaidhu’s appearance wasn’t just a welcome chance to meet a multi-cultural pageant queen, but also a lovely homage to Brampton’s history; a nod to flourishing beauty, blooming neighbourhoods, and a brand new Brampton.

It’s a master-planned community bordered by Dixie, Airport, Mayfield, and Countryside roads; if you know Brampton you can understand the sheer size of this development, but you don’t need to know Brampton to know that size usually means amenities; Mayfield Village doesn’t disappoint. The plan for the area features a massive area devoted to employment lands with commercial, industrial and office space, which means new jobs and income for the area. Mayfield Village will have 10 community parks, 9 gorgeous ponds, 9 schools, and convenient commercial space including available live/work units on Inspire Boulevard in the heart of everything which will also serve as a main artery to the entire village. But don’t let its size fool you; Mayfield Village is called a village for a reason. The aforementioned developers are intent on creating a community that looks to the past for its neighbourly values. Ontario has become an ocean of developments promising “community,” but Mayfield is set to actually deliver on that ideal. Starting with Inspire Boulevard, building schools, and planning for buildings to create jobs and strengthen the economy of the area, to promoting street level community growth with live/work units, parks, schools, and an array of other neighbourly conveniences, it’s a development unlike anything Ontario has seen in a very long time; from shopping, education, and work, to family, friends, and neighbours Mayfield Village brings everything closer.

If you missed out on the construction kick-off this weekend and would like to learn more about how you can be a part of this ground-breaking community, visit or visit the presentation centre just east of Dixie Rd. on Mayfield Rd. where you’ll be able to see the community already blooming.


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