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Thursday, April 23 2020

Easy ways to exercise in your backyard

Exercise is a great way to improve your health and boost your mood. A study by JAMA Psychiatry revealed that activities like running for 15-minutes reduced participants’ risk of developing depression by 26%, which is truly impressive. 

Working out doesn’t have to take place at a gym and you don’t need a pricey personal trainer to get into shape. Instead, try any of these exercises that you can do in your very own backyard every single day. If you’re new to regular physical activity, that’s okay! Start slow and gradually work your way up to more difficult routines.

There is no shame starting from zero, the important thing is that you’re trying. Remember to take it easy in the beginning to avoid soreness and pulled muscles. It’s also good to have a workout buddy for safety and encouragement. 


Fun outdoor exercises for all skill levels


1.  Hopscotch isn’t just for kids anymore!

Do you remember playing hopscotch at recess when you were in elementary school? The goal of this game is to hop on one foot from one square to another until you complete the pattern and reach the end. Use sidewalk chalk to draw a pattern on your patio and start hopping. The more complicated the hopscotch, the higher your cardiovascular benefit will be.

2. Let’s go fly a kite!

Trying to launch a kite into flight takes lots of running for short periods of time. Make it a family activity and have fun building your kites together and then taking them into your backyard to try them out. You’ll quickly remember how much you loved watching it take flight and the joy of keeping it in the air.

3. No regular weights? No problem!

Building up muscle is important for good health and you can do so at home without the need for expensive dumbbells or kettlebells. Instead, fill an empty juice jug with water or sand and use it in your weight-training for extra resistance. You can also fill a clean and empty bleach bottle or use large cans of tomatoes as weights. Pick a shady spot on the grass for lifting and enjoy the fresh air while you workout. 

We hope that you enjoy these exercises and getting active this spring. Remember not to push yourself too hard or too fast in the beginning and listen to your body for ques to take a break.


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