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Mayfield Village's live/work units present opportunities

Village style living is all about community, culture, and convenience; live/work spaces are truly the cornerstones that uphold these ideals. Classically a live/work space is a structure that houses a business and it’s owner as well. These spaces are great for owners, because they have the chance to become a local staple and feed off of patrons in their immediate vicinity. Apart from physical location though, how are these spots good for the community at large? Well, the owner becomes a member of the actual community and that speaks volumes about their intentions. Not only do they want their business to succeed, but they want the community to succeed as well. For an individual to live and operate a live/work space in a place like Mayfield Village in Brampton, they should want to be a big part of the neighborhood, and be invested in it’s progression. It’s in their best interest after all.

We’ve all sat in Monday morning traffic in our cars, or on public transit cursing the shortcomings of our fair province, but there is a remedy for this that can be found in the aforementioned live/work units like those available in beautiful Mayfield Village. Imagine, instead of listening to the radio tell you about delays, getting late to work, losing out on all the good parking, and forgetting your lunch, you could simply walk down your steps. Yes, the live/work space let’s you experience the fabled 10 second commute; and guess what? You’ll always have the best spot.

So if you’re someone looking to open a small business, you should really consider a live/work unit in Mayfield Village. Not only will you be able to leverage the village itself for business, but you’ll help it become a cultural hub. On the selfish side, relieve yourself of your headache inducing commute and enjoy the splendor that is a live/work space.


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