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Wednesday, December 19 2018

The Shops of Inspire Boulevard

Our Brampton development of Mayfield Village is a true master-planned community. Incredible homes, great people, and a focus on reliable transit are only part of what makes it such a desirable place to live. What makes Mayfield Village truly special are the boutique retail shops that line the aptly-named Inspire Boulevard. Whether you’re a bit behind on your holiday shopping, or just want to know what quaint stores are in your backyard, continue reading to discover the shops of Inspire Boulevard.


Owl Be Sewing

Located at 2-118 Inspire Boulevard, Owl Be Sewing is your one-stop-shop for all of your fabric, textures, and quilting needs. With a myriad of fabric styles and options to choose from, and specialized classes ranging from beginner to advanced sewing instruction, you’re sure to find what you need. This is a rare gem perfectly placed on the crown that is Inspire Boulevard. Call them today or visit their website to learn how you can become an expert seamstress.


RMS Clothing Services

As Brampton’s leading alteration and dry cleaning business, they are able to bring you over 30 years of experience. They guarantee precise, prestigious, and professional service on every single order. Whatever your clothing needs are, RMS Clothing will have you feeling and looking your best. Visit them online to learn more.


Biryani Spot & Curry

Established in Brampton, Biryani Spot & Curry has been a pioneer in providing authentic biryani and Hyderabadi food to the community. They attract food lovers from all over the Peel Region to enjoy the true taste of food from the city of Nawab. The next time you feel like dining on some truly amazing food, visit them online, or just stop by at 137 Inspire Boulevard and experience a new world of taste.


City North Pizza

Having such easy access to pizza this good is most certainly a blessing. 135 Inspire Boulevard is one of their two locations, and it might just be the very reason so many people have moved into Mayfield Village! Their positive reviews are off the charts, and many claim that their pizza is the best in Brampton. Visit them online to place an order for delivery. While you’re at it, you can also delete every other pizza place from your phone, because you’ll only want to eat here from now on.


Health Solutions Plus Pharmacy

This independently owned and operated local drug store at 2-143 Inspire Boulevard provides a much-valued service to the people of Mayfield Village. The service and advice are prompt and well-informed, and all drug plans are accepted. Information and counselling services are also provided here, making it a bastion of care and peace of mind for all who pass through its doors. Visit them online to learn more about this important community institution.


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